Covid-19 Posters Saving Lives in Bhopal

As we reported last week, community volunteers in Bhopal recently completed a poster campaign in the thirty-five neighbourhoods of the city in which most of the survivors of the 1984 gas disaster still live. Staff at the Sambhavna clinic kindly sent us a complete translation of the yellow information poster, with instructions on what to do and not to do to safeguard against Covid-19 until the next monsoon season:

Photo by Biju Nair

To Do:

  1. Wash hands often, especially before and after eating
  2. Cover your mouth and nose when outside of the home, using a mask or handkerchief
  3. Maintain a minimum of 1 metre distance from others
  4. Have the minimum number of people at public gatherings, including weddings, funerals or religious events
  5. If you do not have a face mask cover your nose and mouth with clothes or elbow when coughing or sneezing
  6. Join the local community response Whatsapp group and to be in contact with your local community health volunteer
  7. If you start displaying virus symptoms get in contact with your community heath volunteer and try to get treatment at home
  8. Avoid crowded areas where possible
  9. If you have any ongoing medical conditions continue taking your medication, regularly checking sugar levels and blood pressure
  10. Try to eat healthy meals and do light exercise to help your physical and mental health
Photo by Biju Nair

Do Not:

  1. Do not touch your mouth, nose, or eyes
  2. Remember just wearing a mask does not guarantee your safety
  3. Avoid shaking hands, maintain distance when meeting others
  4. Avoid going to weddings, funerals or religious events where possible
  5. If you have a cough or cold, do not go out without your mask and wash your hands regularly
  6. Avoid spreading incorrect or harmful information and do not follow any guidance without confirmation from your community health volunteer
  7. If you start displaying symptoms do not go directly to the hospital except in an emergency; have symptoms tested at home as soon as possible by a community health volunteer
  8. Avoid leaving the city or travelling
  9. If you suffer hypertension, diabetes, kidney, lung disease or other ongoing health conditions do not delay or discontinue treatment
  10. Do not be afraid of the virus, with the support of the community we can keep one another safe
Photo by Biju Nair

Please note: all children featured together in the pictures are members of the same households and are volunteering their time under the supervision of an adult.

Girl with candle Bhopal

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