Chingari Community Support

Photo by Biju Nair

While the Chingari clinic remains closed, medical staff and drivers from the clinic are still working tirelessly to support the city’s children during the Covid-19 lockdown. This week drivers from the clinic delivered dry rations to more than 200 families in the surrounding communities, as many in the city are struggling to access necessities including food and medicine and shops remain closed.

As well as delivering food, since the usual Eid celebrations at the clinic were not possible this year, clinic staff have also been delivering Eid gifts to more than 300 children registered at the centre. These gifts include some essential food stuffs like rice, but also treats for the children including chocolate and cakes.

Medical staff from Chingari have also been able to setup video consultations for children and their families, providing physiotherapy and simple instructions for home treatments during lockdown. Unfortunately, not all families have access to phones or the funds to keep them charged, but where necessary staff are still conducting home visits and delivering essential medicines to those requiring more regular or urgent treatment.

We would like to thank all the staff, volunteers, and especially the drivers from Chingari for carrying out this incredible work and continuing to support the community despite the risks to their own health.

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