Skullduggerous Art Show. 4th-13th March


The ‘Skullduggerous’ art show is coming up next week, at the Pure Evil gallery in Shoreditch, and I hope you’ll be interested in coming along. The show consists of a selection of radical, contemporary, and urban art and it’s all been very generously donated to the BMA.

In fact, the entire gallery, including all of the support, and the art on the walls has been given to the BMA for absolutely nothing so it’s an extremely generous contribution. It’s also something of an irony that the gallery, and the artist that runs it, should go by the name of ‘Pure Evil’!

The opening night is Thursday the 4th of March and all are welcome. The show is open until the 13th and there is art to suit all budgets…
Please have a look at our Facebook page, and our Tumblr blog, for further details:

Proper thanks will be forthcoming to all of the contributors at a later date.

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