Robotnick Dance Radio to Bhopal


Italian electronic musician Alexander Robotnick has an online
dance music radio station with the proceeds going to The Bhopal
Medical Appeal.

Alexander Robotnick (aka Maurizio Dami) is something of a legend in
electronic music being the creator of ‘Problèmes d’amour’ a hugely
influential electronic dance track, produced in 1983, that sounds like
a precursor to much of the electronic music of the following decades
and has a real freshness about it to this day.

In 1987 he turned his interest to World Music, and for the next decade
collaborated with African, Kurdish and Indian musicians. In 1994 he
began working with the Indian-Italian band “Govinda” leading to the
production of two tracks “Devotion” and “Transcendental Ecstasy” for
Govinda’s first album “Selling India By the Pound”.

Robotnick has produced soundtracks for theatre, video and film and,
since around 2003, after re-engaging with the electronic dance music
scene, he has been in great demand performing his laptop dj set at
venues around the world.

Robotnick has a real love for India and has been a regular visitor to
the country for many years. In another life, Colin Toogood, of the
BMA, was a music promoter and dj and worked on a number of gigs with
Robotnick. It was after Colin gave up the music business, and joined
the BMA, that Robotnick became aware of our organization. He had
wanted to use his music to help the people of Bhopal for some time and
the new dance radio station seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Click here for Robotnick Dance Radio

Robotnick Dance Radio features live and studio recorded mixes, created
by Robotnick, in various categories from electro house to ItaloDisco
and is a real feast for electronic dance music fans. We, at The Bhopal
Medical Appeal are extremely grateful for Robotnick’s kind gesture and
can’t wait to get dancing our way through all of the mixes!

Girl with candle Bhopal

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Your money helps us provide free medical care to the survivors of the continuing disaster in Bhopal. We are funded almost exclusively by the generosity of ordinary people around the world.

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