Public reading of Lifewalla at Keats House, Literature Lounge Series


To mark the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Disaster in December 2014, author and BMA supporter, Nina Joshi Ramsey, released a special Limited Edition of the Advance Reader e-Copy of her new novel, ‘Lifewalla’. 100% of the profits from this advance reader went to the Bhopal Medical Appeal: SEE HERE

Last week, the first public reading of Lifewalla was held at Keats House in Hampstead, as part of the Literature Lounge series, run by Anjan Saha.

Authoiur, Nina Joshi Ramsey said: “I wanted to give the audience a flavour of the story and characters, but also to talk before and after about the clinics and the fundraising initiative with the advance ecopy, which is still open. The audience were incredibly receptive to the reading. At the break, and afterwards, people wanted to know more. Many were stunned. They had no idea about the disaster, the scale nor the longevity of the effects. The protagonist in the book personifies the challenges faced even after so many years. A couple of teachers expressed a desire to get the book for their school libraries. This is great news. I hope all libraries will get it. It is a way for young adults to also grow up understanding the emotional impact on individuals when things go wrong, which has obvious benefits.”

Nina’s excellent ‘Lifewalla’ website can be found HERE

A further reading of Lifewalla will take place at a special event on 15th May, from 6pm, at ‘Free Word’, 60 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3GA where a poetry, prose and music showcase of international artists, including Nina Joshi Ramsey, whose words carry resounding personal and political messages. Hailing from India, Kenya, Trinidad and England they offer artistry, storytelling and entertainment in performance: CLICK HERE



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