Neela’s Yoga Nidra Recording and YfB Fundraiser

Neela Masani, founder of Yoga Shanta, Sussex

In support of The Bhopal Medical Appeal’s Yoga for Bhopal project, Neela Masani, the founder of Yoga Shanta in Sussex, has kindly provided us with a special Yoga Nidra audio recording.

Yoga Nidra is a deep form of meditation and conscious relaxation. It is practised lying down, is deeply restorative and especially helpful for reducing anxiety and insomnia and enhancing balance and calm. For the practice, you will need a mat, a blanket or shawl for warmth, a cushion or pillow under your head and perhaps some support under your knees to ensure your spine is comfortable such as a Yoga bolster or a rolled up blanket.

Listen to the Yoga Nidra session by Neela

We hope you enjoy this beautiful recording and please do consider making a donation to support our work with the survivors of the Bhopal Disaster.

In addition to sharing this recording with us, Neela recently ran an online yoga nidra session as a fundraiser for our Yoga for Bhopal Week 2020, with all the proceeds going to the clinics in Bhopal. The session was a great success, raising more than £290 in total! A huge thanks to Neela for her participation in the Yoga for Bhopal program and for sharing this wonderful recording.

Neela is a therapist and educator, offering online Yoga classes, Yoga therapy, psychotherapy and workshops in mental health and well-being. She is passionate about sharing the many benefits of Yoga especially in these challenging times. She sees Yoga as a journey of connection and self discovery, bringing balance, resilience and joy into everyday life.

If you like to find out more about Neela, she can be contacted at [email protected]. For full details of classes and therapies, please visit

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