BMA litter recyclers at Glastonbury Festival’s Pyramid Stage

BMA litter recyclers at the Pyramid Stage. Photo: © Francesca Moore

Clear blue skies and a scorching hot sun greeted our group of 100 recyclers as they entered Glastonbury this year. To say they were blessed with the weather is an understatement, especially if you remember the knee high mud from the year before! Every morning at 6am our team headed down to the Pyramid stage which was littered with the remnants of the previous night’s festivities. Never deterred our volunteers transformed the desolate waste ground into an immaculate field ready for the festival goers to descend upon once again for another day of incredible live music.

We want to say a huge thank you to the people that are involved in this event. Our volunteers who get up so early each day to clean the field come rain or shine, Fiona Case and her team that manage all of the recyclers on site meaning the festival can continue year after year and finally to our Patron Michael Eavis whose tireless work has made the difference to millions of festival goers across the world as well as massively helping the people of Bhopal.

Photo: © Francesca Moore
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