Bhopal Talk for Students at the British International School in New York

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Last week Giles Clarke spoke to students at the British International School in New York

Last week Bhopal Medical Appeal supporter Giles Clarke gave his third talk to students at the British International School in New York.

Giles has traveled to Bhopal on numerous occasions and has taken some stunning and dramatic pictures which can be seen here. After seeing the problems in Bhopal first hand, and after getting to know some of the many children born sick, or disabled, as a result of Union Carbide’s poisons, Giles knew he had to help spread the story in as many ways as he could.

Giles has two young sons and had told them many tales of the children of the Chingari Rehabilitation Centre. At this amazing clinic, funded by The Bhopal Medical Appeal, children come every day for various therapies, treating their physical or mental disabilities, and helping them to lead a more normal life. Giles had told his children many times that, despite their problems, and the poor conditions that many of them lived in, that the children at Chingari were fun-loving kids just like themselves. They laugh, cry and play with each other just like children all around the world.

Giles’ sons both go to the British International School in New York, a small school on the East River in Manhattan, and the school has allowed Giles to speak to it’s students on numerous occasions. The students were captivated by Gile’s tales and have been also inspired to do what they can to help the children of Bhopal.

The picture above shows Giles giving a talk to students last week but this is now the third year that the school have been kind enough to invite us to address their students and, each time, they have held a fundraising coin drive event for us.

A big thank you to Giles and to all of the teachers at the British International School in New York. We can’t thank them enough, for taking us to heart in this way, and for their continued support and generosity.

Is your school interested in teaching your students about Bhopal? Or would you like to hold a fundraising event for us? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch here

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