Music and Art for Bhopal

Last November, long-term BMA supporter Fiona Case organised a hugely successful evening of music at the Pilton Working Men’s Club & Village Hall in Shepton Mallet. Among the acts that night were blues band ‘Social Club’ who have been inspired to organise another terrific looking night of music, this time in Reading. ‘Music and Art for Bhopal’ will feature a range of musical artists, along with an as-yet unnamed ‘Mystery Guest’ artist, and an art auction. Proceeds will go to the BMA and the event takes place on 17th June.

Line-up details below, for venue information and tickets: CLICK

Tommy Lindsell (local guitar prodigy)

Al Falkingham (guitar virtuoso)

Andy Milburn (slide guitar blues maestro)


The Bacuma Boys

The Bacuma Boys

The Bacuma Boys are an acoustic band which specialises in music from the 1920s, with some older stuff and the odd 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s song thrown in – and a lot thrown out. Their music varies from blues and jazz to western swing and some traditional and contemporary folk, plus the odd novelty number and one or two lesser known chart hits, mainly from 1927.

Bacuma Boys playing live: CLICK

Bacuma Boys website: CLICK


Mystery guest


Simon Mayor & Hilary James

Hilary James and Simon Mayor

Simon Mayor is one of the world’s foremost mandolinists (and composers for the instrument) as well as being a witty and entertaining presenter. Regarded equally highly in classical and folk circles alike, his recordings and live performances have been applauded everywhere from BBC World Service (Winter with mandolins was ‘Recording of the Week’) to the Classical Mandolin Society of America.

Hilary James is best known for her ‘elegant singing’ (The Daily Telegraph) which easily crosses the great musical divides from big band jazz to traditional ballads, blues and Berlioz. She is renowned too for an unlikely taste in bass instruments, including her amazing giant mandobass. If the duo have a speciality, it is an ability to combine a truly diverse array of talents into a hugely entertaining stage show.

Simon Mayor and Hilary James playing live: CLICK

Mayor and James website: CLICK


Social Club

Social Club

Social Club is a an association of musicians which grew out of a musical reunion of Barnsley schoolmates Ian Dennis, Al Falkingham and Andy Milburn. Augmented by vocalist and mandolin player, Heather Lawn, bass guitarist and songwriter Steve Bowler, keyboard player Peter Bowler and drummer Dave Galley the band performs a wide range of blues, folk, rock & roll and Americana.

Social Club ‘Art and Music for Bhopal’: CLICK

Social Club live: CLICK

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