Lifewalla Novel Now Officially Released

Lifewalla, Dow Chemical

‘Lifewalla’, written by author and BMA supporter, Nina Joshi Ramsey, has now been officially released. In the run-up to last year’s 30th anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster, Nina worked tirelessly to promote a special pre-release limited edition of her book, appearing at numerous events, and raised over £1500 for our appeal.

In writing Lifewalla, Nina drew on her training and experience in stress management and mental trauma to get under the skin of the psychological impact of humanitarian disasters. It is a powerfully written and colourful book which steers clear of what might be some of the more obvious means of expressing the disaster’s aftermath whilst still creating a strong sense of empathy for the complex and difficult feelings a survivor might experience.

The official release of the book was timed to coincide with the Dussehra festival on 22nd October and net proceeds from the the UK edition of the print copy will also go to the clinics.

Further to Nina’s generosity, The Bhopal Medical Appeal is delighted that nina’s sister Shama will also be making a very generous donation, from the proceeds of her song ‘Baarish’, to The Bhopal Medical Appeal.

‘Baarish’ is a beautiful song, performed by Shama and her band The 515 Crew, seeming to meld elements of traditional and modern Indian music. Shama has chosen this song to benefit our appeal thanks to the song’s title, ‘Baarish’, directly translating as rain. Shama is well-versed in the terrible, tragic story of the Bhopal Disaster and knows that, had it been raining on that fateful night, many of the worst effects of the gas would have been subdued.

Our thanks go to both of these exceptionally talented women.

Buy Lifewalla: HERE

See Baarish: HERE




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