Drogo Breathe Fire In Camden


Last night, at the ‘Fiddler’s Elbow’ in London’s Camden Town, rock band DROGO recorded a powerful, live version of our ‘Breathe Fire’ song for Bhopal in front of a wild, enthusiastic audience. DROGO play in a fast paced, hard rock style, turned right up to eleven, and it’s quite a departure from the other versions of Breathe Fire that have been recorded thus far.

The song was filmed, as well as recorded for sound, and we’re all looking forward to seeing the results. The video will be posted on all of our usual channels just as soon as it’s finished.

Our thanks go to DROGO along with Micky Cee and the Wasted Playboys who played a stonking set just before DROGO took to the stage.


Breathe Fire, the story so far: CLICK

Micky C: CLICK


Girl with candle Bhopal

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