BhopalMedAppeal Launches haunting, beautiful song calling for end to Bhopal Disaster.


On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster, the Bhopal Medical Appeal has launched ‘Breathe Fire’ a haunting, yet beautiful song calling for end to Bhopal Disaster.

This Gospel choir version was sung by Maria Fidelis choir- an award winning choir form North London and more versions will follow soon.

Watch the stunning video here:

More versions to follow, along with further details of the ‘Breathe Fire’ project. Please share this, and if you’re a musician, please take the song, and make your own version.

The idea is to put as many versions of this song online as there are musicians willing to do it …. all different genres. different takes on the same song, all around the planet. The response from musicians has already been amazing.

You’ll be helping change the world, for about half a million people who’ve been fighting for 30 years against one of THE great injustices. The world’s worst industrial disaster is STILL going on, after 3 decades. But this is a problem that actually could be fixed and how many of the crappy things happening today can you say that about?

The company execs and politicians who could fix Bhopal – who could clean up the toxic site and water supply, fund proper healthcare and full compensation – haven’t done it, partly because they think no one cares. This is an attempt to shame them into it, through the power of music.

So please share – and make music – far and wide. The more far, the more wide, the more chance that one day soon those execs and politicians will be looking over the shoulders of their kids and grand-kids, on YouTube or whatever place they’re sharing stuff, and they’ll suddenly catch their breath. And then go ….

“CRAP. We have a problem. You know those millions of people we thought didn’t care? Er …. we have a problem.”

Girl with candle Bhopal

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