Yearly Archives: 2012

Boston Vigils for the 28th anniversary of Bhopal

Last week vigils were held across Boston to commemorate 28th Anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Disaster. Members of  the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB), Boston chapter, organized a series of die-ins and protests across major universities in the city including Boston University, Tufts University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University to […]

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Inside a Bhopal ‘gas’ hospital

Shakir Ali Khan hospital is a state-run ‘gas hospital’ situated in central Bhopal. It is a bleak and depressing place and sums up the amount of help being given to gas victims by the national and local government bodies. Dr Mantosh Singh, who is the head doctor, faces a massive uphill battle to treat the […]

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Turn Around Projects: Back in Bhopal

Turn Around Projects, a not-for-profit organization with the mission to create and maintain integrated arts projects, which promote reciprocal exchange in order to impact and strengthen communities. TAP evolved from staff and students at Brock University in Canada. The group visited the Samvbhavna Clinic in Bhopal in December 2011 to run art workshops with the survivors of the […]

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We believe Dow must finally accept responsibility for Bhopal. Until then, The Bhopal Medical Appeal funds two award-winning clinics in the city. Both offer free, first-class care to victims of the gas disaster or the ongoing water contamination. The survivors have nowhere else left to turn – please help if you can.