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Bhopal 84 Documentary Project on IndieGoGo

Oct 30 2014 by

In Bhopal today, two men of different faiths reunite to remember what felt like the end of the world –  a nightmare where one man cremated and buried thousands of corpses over the span of a few days, and the other man videotaped his work. They are MUSHARRAF ALI, a wedding videographer who was moved to record the gas leak’s immediate aftermath, and JAGDISH NEMA, then man he found running an improvised cremation ground. No matter if they were Hindu or Muslim, Jagdish worked nonstop for days to give the dead their proper last rites. In Bhopal84, the men return to the cremation ground for the first time in thirty years

Bhopal 84 is being made by Nadeem Uddin and Samsara Films. Please visit the IndieGoGo page and consider helping bring this film to fruition:

Bhopal 84 IndieGoGo

BMA LOGO Raghu Rai 484x688 Bhopal 84 Documentary Project on IndieGoGo bhopal medical appeal

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Community initiative helps combat diseases in Bhopal-gas affected areas.

Oct 29 2014 by

The Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal, which offers free healthcare to Bhopal gas disasters and their affected families, has been at the forefront of a new imitative to help combat vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue in Bhopal-gas affected areas.

As the Hindustan Times reports, ‘A team of seven trained health workers along with about 30 community volunteers (also trained) have been taking up awareness, prevention, surveillance and monitoring work in these areas.’

Spurred on out of necessity in the wake of the state health departments struggle to control vector-borne diseases, the initiative has seen a drop in Malaria incidence over the last 5 years, falling from 24.14% of people in test samples being diagnosed with malaria to 6.54%.

Please click the image  below for the full article:


Malaria treatment article 250x222 Community initiative helps combat diseases in Bhopal gas affected areas. bhopal medical appeal

Volunteers help combat malaria, dengue in gas-affected areas


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#BhopalFacing30 – book coming soon.

Oct 23 2014 by

Francesca Moore’s excellent #BhopalFacing30 photography project is soon to be launched in book form. News will follow, when the book is released, but to find out more about the book and all of the various events and exhibitions surrounding the project, please visit Francesca’s blog: #BhopalFacing30

MOORE 140124 0332 484x322 #BhopalFacing30   book coming soon. bhopal medical appeal

(c) Francesca Moore, 2014. ‘Bhopal Facing 30′

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Assist Bhopal- Fundraising Dinner in Milwaukee.

Oct 22 2014 by

Assist Bhopal

Megan 72 484x321 Assist Bhopal  Fundraising Dinner in Milwaukee. bhopal medical appeal

Megan with some of the children at Chingari

Megan Dogra (seen above, in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture) is hosting a fundraising dinner on December 3rd to mark the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster.

It will be at the Bollywood Grill, on North Jackson Street, Milwaukee and you can find further details on Megan’s ‘Assist Bhopal’ events page. For anybody near to Milwaukee, please consider coming along to this event where you’ll have the chance to enjoy yourself, in support of a good cause, and have the opportunity to meet a remarkable young lady putting an awful lot of effort in to raise funds for those much less fortunate.

Megan’s Fundraising Dinner, Click Here





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Timeline Toward: 30th Anniversary, Bhopal Disaster. 2nd & 3rd December 2014

Oct 20 2014 by

 Timeline Toward: 30th Anniversary, Bhopal Disaster. 2nd & 3rd December 2014

This timeline includes significant events involving the survivors’ organizations in Bhopal, and the Bhopal Medical Appeal, along with significant others.

The timeline also includes significant events around the release of ‘A Prayer for Rain’ a Bhopal Disaster feature film about to be released in the US & India. The film stars: Martin Sheen, Kai Penn and Mischa Barton.

The Bhopal survivors organizations, the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, and the Bhopal Medical Appeal are all endorsing the film, on the basis that it represents a fair portrayal of the main facts of the disaster story, and hope that it will bring these facts to a new, much wider audience.

Other important announcements will be made as time moves on toward the anniversary date.

August 31st- October 26th

Bhopal’s Second Disaster photo exhibition by Alex Masi

Noordelicht PhotoFestival, the Netherlands.

September 18th – 4th December

Survivors’ Organisations announce beginning of direct action campaign leading up to the 30th anniversary date.

October 3rd-November 30th

Bhopal’s Second Disaster photo exhibition by Alex Masi

Singapore International Photography Festival

October 29th – November 23rd

Bhopal’s Second Disaster photo exhibition by Alex Masi

Zoom Photo Festival, Saguenay, Canada.

November 5th

Prayer for Rain Celebrity screening, NYC (with Martin Sheen).


November 6th

Prayer for Rain Celebrity screening, NYC.


November 7th

Prayer for Rain Opening, (official world premiere) NYC, The Village East Theatre.

November 12th

Criminal Case Hearing, Bhopal Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court


Dow’s wholly owned subsidiary Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) is wanted on CRIMINAL charges of ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ and is a ‘proclaimed absconder’ from Indian justice. Dow has total control of UCC but has not produced UCC in court.

A summons has been issued to Dow requiring it attend court on November 12. Dow will be required to explain why UCC has repeatedly ignored court summons in the ongoing criminal case.

Audrey Gaughran, Amnesty International’s Director for Global Issues, recently said: “The time has come for Dow to appear in an Indian court and account for the failure of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Union Carbide, to respond to the criminal charges against it.”

November 13th – 23rd

Prayer for Rain Screenings, St Louise International Film Festival.

2 screenings (Dates TBC)

November 14th

Prayer for Rain Opening, Los Angeles (with Martin Sheen).

November 15th  (TBC) – indefinite

Bhopal Survivors Fast

Survivors of Bhopal Disaster will embark on an indefinite fast demanding that Central Government pursue the ‘curative petition’ that seeks to redress the ‘gross inadequacy’ (Indian Govt’ official position) of the 1989 settlement.

November 17th- December 17th

#BhopalFacing30 Photo exhibition, Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre, Shoreditch, London.

November 19th

Book Launch #BhopalFacing30 Housman’s Radical Bookshop, London.

Launch of book with speakers: Francesca Moore (authour), Colin Toogood (Bhopal Medical Appeal).

November 21st

Gala Event with London Assembly Member Navin Shah, ‘London Living Room’, City Hall.

Plus launch of City Hall showing of #BhopalFacing30 (showing Nov 21-28)

Speakers from Amnesty International (plus other high profile speakers TBC)

November 26th- December 7th

Conference plus Raghu Rai photo exhibition, The Tetley, Leeds

The Reframing Disaster exhibition and conference focuses on the politics of remembering, commemorating and supporting the long-term recovery in relation to global disasters. The exhibition at The Tetley will present the work of world-renowned Magnum photographer Raghu Rai, the first to document the Bhopal disaster in 1984.

November 28th

Music for Bhopal 30th Anniversary Concert

Brighton Unitarian Church. An evening of traditional Indian music and classical pieces. Highlights include: Akash Indian Flute and Tabla Duo, plus a piano recital and other yet to be confirmed acts.30 November – 1st December 11:00 – 21:00

Mela of the alternatives

Iqbal Maidan, Bhopal


Indian and international groups showcase models of socially just and environmentally sustainable alternatives to current practices and systems.1st December 18:00

Drum Out Dow


A ritual condemnation and visual humiliation of Dow Chemical tapping in to the spirit of the rich tradition of performance protests, for which the Bhopal campaign is well-known, with a gathering of ‘traditional’ Indian drummers.

1st December 18:30 – 20:30

Globalisation Series Lecture with Dr.Vandana Shiva & Ravi Rajan

Brunei Theatre, SOAS London


Bhopal Medical Appeal to host major lecture- simulcast to international universities: GLOBALIZATION SINCE BHOPAL:



Featuring VANDANA SHIVA a leading member of the International Forum on Globalisation and prominent figure of the alter-globalisation movement & RAVI RAJAN associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, University of California.


In commemoration of the Bhopal Disaster, with this symposium our speakers reflect back on the decades since that tragic night and ask what lessons have been learned. Did the disaster entrench the inequalities inherent in exporting a risky and hazardous technology in to a developing country, or have regulatory advances since 1984 produced a safer and more equitable world?

Have the humanitarian, legal, and scientific institutions that were so inadequate to respond to Bhopal become more sophisticated with time, or has the legacy of Bhopal become a dangerous precedent for globalized corporate impunity?

December 1st- 7th

Prayer for Rain, INDIA release


Bhopal, Open Air Screening for Bhopal Disaster survivors (with Martin Sheen) on December 3rd with concert from Canadian band AutoRickshaw


Mumbai, Screening/ Premier  (with Martin Sheen).


New Delhi, Screening/ Gala Event/ Charity Auction paintings  (with Martin Sheen).

December 1st- 7th

Trades Union Deputation to Bhopal


Representatives of various UK trades unions will be visiting Bhopal for a programme of commemorative and relationship building events. Including:


Meetings with representatives of survivors’ organisations; visit to the remains of the Union Carbide factory; meeting with former workers Union Carbide factory workers; visits to neighbourhood communities including those affected by the contaminated water; visits to our two, innovative centres which were established by disaster survivors and funded by the Bhopal Medical Appeal (Chingari Trust children’s rehabilitation centre; and Sambhavna Trust health care clinic); meeting in New Delhi with leaders of India’s central trades union congresses (INTUC, AITUC, CITU, HMS, IFTU) and those of the New Trade Union Initiatives in India (NTUI);


International Trades Union Solidarity Event- 2nd December 16:00- 17:00

A joint statement will be released for the 30th anniversary of the disaster.


Current delegates include representatives from Unison, Unite, CWU, Community, UCU, STUC disabled workers committee, Edinburgh TUC and Hazards campaign

December 2nd 11:00 – 16:00

National Solidarity Meet

Iqbal Maidan, Bhopal


Various other organizations will be in attendance including Amnesty International, Rotary Peace Fellows, others TBC

December 2nd 16:00- 17:00

International Trades Union Solidarity Event


A joint statement will be released for the 30th anniversary of the disaster.

December 2nd 17:00 – 18:00

Festival of street theatre and music

Iqbal Maiden, Bhopal

December 2nd 18:30 – 22:00

Torchlight parade & homage to the dead.

Iqbal Maiden to Union Carbide factory

December 3rd 12:00 – 15:30

30th anniversary Rally & Public Meeting

With the traditional, and spectacular, burning of giant effigies.

Bharat Talkies Crossing to Union Carbide Factory

December 3rd 18:00 – 22:00

Open Air Screening for Bhopal Disaster survivors (with Martin Sheen). Concert from Canadian band AutoRickshaw. Venue TBC

December 4th

International Action TBA




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Black workers’ conference of Scottish TUC passes motion in support of Bhopal struggles

Oct 13 2014 by

On the 6th October the Black Workers’ Conference of the Scottish trade union congress unanimously passed a motion in support of the Bhopalis’ struggles

079 484x361 Black workers’ conference of  Scottish TUC passes motion in support of Bhopal struggles bhopal medical appeal

Bhopal Disaster 30 Years On
“That this Conference notes the forthcoming anniversary of 30 years since the catastrophic Bhopal disaster, still considered the world’s worst industrial accident with 20,000 deaths, 500,000 injured and approximately 150,000 still struggling with serious medical conditions.
“The owner of the plant at the time of the leaks was Union Carbide and is now Dow Chemicals. Dow has inherited liability, but never paid appropriate compensation. The environmental impact continues to devastate communities, health and livelihoods within a large impoverished area.
“In December 2014, a delegation of Scottish trade unionists will visit Bhopal. Their invitation comes in recognition of the support Scotland has given to Bhopal Medical Appeal, which continues to run free health clinics for all the victims of the toxic exposure and contamination.
“Conference congratulates the Scottish Friends of Bhopal and agrees to send a message of solidarity to the December events, as well as encourage all affiliates to support the Bhopal Medical Appeal.”

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Bhopal’s Second Disaster at Zoom Photo Festival

Oct 10 2014 by

Alex Masi’s outstanding photo project ‘Bhopal’s Second Disaster’ goes from strength to strength with the announcement of yet another award and exhibition. Alex’s work wins the ‘Man and the Environment’ award and will be shown at the ZOOM Photo Festival in Saguenay, Canada. The exhibition will run from the 29th October to the 23rd November.

Zoom Photo Festival CLICK here

We send Alex our congratulations for this latest award.

Alex Poonam pic 484x322 Bhopals Second Disaster at Zoom Photo Festival bhopal medical appeal

Alex Masi (c) 2014

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