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Symposium: Making Sense of Industrial Disasters

Nov 21 2014 by

Chanadana 484x267 Symposium: Making Sense of Industrial Disasters bhopal medical appeal

On Saturday 29th a one-day symposium will take place at Maynooth University entitled ‘Making Sense of Industrial Disasters’. Featuring, amongst others, Steve Tombs who has written extensively about corporate crime, including Bhopal and Tomas MacSheoin, an independent scholar and expert on Bhopal, and the authour of ‘Asphyxiating Asia’. BMA Trustee Tim Edwards make a presentation “Corporate impunity par excellence: Bhopal’s thirty year struggle for access to justice” and, later in the day, a roundtable discussion featuring all of the day’s speakers will be hosted by BMA trustee Chandana Mathur who is a lecturer in the university’s Department of Anthropology.

Sponsored by the Maynooth University Postgraduate Programme in Anthropology and Development, in conjunction with the Humanitarian Action Study Group of the Development Studies Association of Ireland, this event is free and open to all who may be interested. Please RSVP to anthropology.office@nuim.ie

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Commemorate the 30th anniversary with us

Nov 21 2014 by

Our two main commemorative events take place on the 28th November and the 1st December, in Brighton and London. We hope to see you there

 Commemorate the 30th anniversary with us bhopal medical appeal


Globalisation Series Lecture with Dr.Vandana Shiva & Ravi Rajan Brunei Theatre, SOAS London

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster, The Bhopal Medical Appeal are hosting a major lecture, GLOBALIZATION SINCE BHOPAL: THREE DECADES OF ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER featuring VANDANA SHIVA a leading member of the International Forum on Globalisation and prominent figure of the alter-globalisation movement & RAVI RAJAN associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, University of California.

In commemoration of the Bhopal Disaster, with this symposium our speakers reflect back on the decades since that tragic night and ask what lessons have been learned. Did the disaster entrench the inequalities inherent in exporting a risky and hazardous technology in to a developing country, or have regulatory advances since 1984 produced a safer and more equitable world? Have the humanitarian, legal, and scientific institutions that were so inadequate to respond to Bhopal become more sophisticated with time, or has the legacy of Bhopal become a dangerous precedent for globalized corporate impunity?

1st December 18:30 – 20:30. Entry is FREE but is strictly first come first served.

Music for Bhopal 30th Anniversary Concert

Brighton Unitarian Church. An evening of traditional Indian music and classical pieces. Highlights include: Akash Indian Flute and Tabla Duo, plus a piano recital.

November 28th, Brighton Unitarian Church, 7.30pm. Tickets £8/£10 please call us on 01273 603278.

FINAL Commemorate the 30th anniversary with us bhopal medical appeal


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Bhopal Anniversary Drop-in Workshop in Leeds on 2 December

Nov 17 2014 by

GP01AHI 484x323 Bhopal Anniversary Drop in Workshop in Leeds on 2 December bhopal medical appeal

(c) Raghu Rai 2002

Reframing Disaster is hosting a Bhopal Anniversary Drop-in Workshop at The Tetley, Leeds, from 3.30 – 5.30pm on 2 December. This is open to high school, college, and university students, and will be especially relevant for those with interests in world history, photography, world literature, film, charity and fundraising, and international politics.

The workshop will involve:

·      a guided tour of the Reframing Disaster exhibition at The Tetley, featuring the work of world-renowned India photographer Raghu Rai, the first to document the Bhopal disaster (http://thetetley.org/reframing-disaster/);
·      a screening of Bhopali, a powerful film about the Bhopal gas disaster and its ongoing effects;
·      an interactive discussion about the exhibition, film, and history of Bhopal and other global disasters

All welcome on the day. If you’re definitely going to attend it would be helpful if you could let us know in advance by emailing postcolonialdisaster@gmail.com. Please see the attached poster for information on the exhibition and the activities.

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#BhopalFacing30 Events THIS WEEK

Nov 17 2014 by

#BhopalFacing30 launch is launched at AmnestyUK tonight, 17th November, from 18:30. The exhibition will run from 17th November to 17th December. FREE entry, all welcome.

#BhopalFacing30 Book launch on Wednesday 19th at Housmans radical bookshop. £3 entry redeemable against any purchase, all welcome. More Details

#BhopalFacing30 special exhibition at London City Hall from 22 November until the 28th November. FREE entry, all welcome.

MOORE 140124 0332 484x322 #BhopalFacing30 Events THIS WEEK bhopal medical appeal

(c) Francesca Moore, 2014. ‘Bhopal Facing 30′

#BhopalFacing30 on WordPress

‘Bhopal: Facing 30’ is the culmination of a photographic project that portrays the site of the 1984 Bhopal disaster and the people that continued to be affected, with the book being produced to commemorate the 30th anniversary.

On the night of the 2nd December 1984, a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, began leaking 27 tons of the deadly gas methyl isocyanate. None of the six safety systems designed to contain such a leak were operational, allowing the gas to spread throughout the city of Bhopal. Half a million people were exposed to the gas and 25,000 have died to date as a result of their exposure. More than 120,000 people still suffer from ailments caused by the accident and the subsequent pollution at the plant site.

The first part of the project depicts the entire boundary wall of Union Carbide, the disaster site. Supposedly creating a barrier between what is safe, and what is not, the images expose the level of the walls degradation, which allows easy access to toxins harmful to human health and the environment. There are cavernous holes in the wall at ground level, steps and ledges that lead up and over the wall, security gates left open, parts where the wall is only knee high. The perimeter wall has rows and rows of residents’ houses backing on to it. Children clamber over the wall or pass through the holes – getting to what appears an appealing grassy spot for a game of cricket. Photographed from a child’s height, who cannot see the dangers of the abandoned factory within, each image of the wall joins the next, forming a continuum when presented.

Whilst the wall represents 30 years of pain and suffering, the residents surrounding the contaminated site appeared to be resilient and optimistic. To reflect this perception, the wall is presented with a series of formal family portraits of the people who live in the slums that surround the disaster site. The portraits reference the traditional Indian studio portraits usually acquired by wealthy higher castes, and given the opportunity, the people of Bhopal could register their own dignity, values and resilience through the medium of the family portrait.

The people of Bhopal are not victims as a result of their own actions, or simply through poverty; they were subject to a system that facilitated the economic growth of a multinational company, at the expense of life and the environment – as if less important or disposable. For this reason I photographed the families with the belief that they are as good as anyone else – as good as anyone who works for Union Carbide for example, or Dow Chemical, who now own the Union Carbide plant, but refuse responsibility for its liabilities, or the Indian Government; or you or me. Bhopal: Facing 30 represents those people affected, and that continue to be affected to this day 30 years on, not as victims, but as equal humans.

Francesca is a freelance photographer whose personal work stems from interests in people and the environment. With an MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging, Francesca draws on her scientific background to portray humanitarian, social and environmental issues.

Joined by Colin Toogood, campaigns manager for the Bhopal Medical Appeal, Francesca will discuss her work in the context of the on-going saga for justice and environmental remediation 30 years after the worlds’ worst industrial disaster.

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Send a postcard directly to board members at Dow Chemical

Nov 16 2014 by

Send a postcard directly to board members at Dow Chemical or other decision makers: CLICK HERE
Cover Postcard 484x360 Send a postcard directly to board members at Dow Chemical  bhopal medical appeal
See Alex’s book: CLICK HERE

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Hunger Strike- Demands Met After Four Days Fasting Without Water.

Nov 15 2014 by

Hunger Strike- Demands Met After Four Days Fasting Without Water.
Government of India to File for Urgent Hearing, Curative Petition #DowChemical

IMG 7113 484x322 Hunger Strike  Demands Met After Four Days Fasting Without Water.  bhopal medical appeal

The six women Bhopal survivors have ended their waterless hunger strike after four days. The Minister of Chemicals and Fertilisers has accepted their demands that: the ‘curative petition’ be filed by the Central Government for urgent hearing; and that the curative petition will be amended to reflect a more accurate (higher) number for the dead and injured.

The curative petition is designed to revisit the 1989 civil settlement and to correct inherent injustices within it- including the vast underestimation of the scale of death and injuries. The Indian Government’s official position is that the ‘gross inadequacy’ of that settlement (with Union Carbide Corporation) resulted in an ‘irremediable injustice’.

The curative petition was filed in 2010 but has never been heard. A date was schedule, for August 5th 2014, but was inexplicably postponed.

The Govt of India had been seeking additional compensation of up to $1.24billion. The hunger strikers demanded that the GoI use a higher figure for the dead and injured which would raise the required settlement to $8.1billion. The numbers demanded by the survivors were published by the Govt of India itself in an Indian Council of Medical Research epidemiological report in 2004.

Dow Chemical continues to maintain that the Bhopal Disaster had a ‘full and final settlement’ but this is simply not true. Union Carbide and Dow Chemical itself are embroiled in FOUR separate court cases in India and the USA. As recently as November 12th this year Dow had been summonsed to attend the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court, in Bhopal, to explain why it does not produce Union Carbide (it’s wholly-owned subsidiary) to answer the outstanding criminal charges against it. Dow did not appear in court.

Colin Toogood, Bhopal Medical Appeal spokesman: “This is a great day for the Bhopal Campaigners, and we hope a step nearer to finally holding Dow Chemical/ Union Carbide to account. This company must be made to face the courts, it cannot be allowed to behave as if it is above the law. There is much more at stake than just the resolution of the Bhopal Disaster.”

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#Bhopal30 Fax the Demands of the Survivors to The Indian Prime Minister

Nov 14 2014 by

#Bhopal30 Fax the Demands of the Survivors to The Indian Prime Minister using the form on the ICJB website: HERE

Please send a fax each to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers in support of the Bhopal survivors’ demands in this 30th anniversary year of the Bhopal disaster.

Five women survivors of the December ’84 Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal stopped taking water on the second day of their fast at 1 AM on November 11, 2014. On behalf of all survivors, they are demanding :

Additional compensation for all survivors who have earlier received only Rs. 25 thousand ($400) for lifelong injuries.

Revision of figures of death and injury caused by the gas disaster in the Curative petition filed by the central government for additional compensation from Union Carbide and Dow Chemical.

Please send a fax each to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers in support of the Bhopal survivors’ demands in this 30th anniversary year of the Bhopal disaster.

safe image.php  #Bhopal30 Fax the Demands of the Survivors to The Indian Prime Minister bhopal medical appeal

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