Yoga for Bhopal Week 2020 – Yoga Nidra Recording

A Yoga Nidra Session available to everyone!

To celebrate Yoga for Bhopal week, Yoga for Bhopal founder Meaghan Delahunt has put together a very special yoga nidra audio recording. For a limited time only we are making this available on our website for all our supporters.

If you want to make a donation in exchange for the recording we shan’t argue. The life-saving work in Bhopal is funded almost exclusively by the generosity of ordinary people around the world. Every penny is treasured, and made to count.

Before you listen to the recording...

Before you listen to the recording, Meaghan has a few short notes:
The practice of Yoga Nidra guides you into a state of relaxation between waking and sleeping. It rests body and mind by using the breath and visualisation.
All you need for this short practice is to lie down, head supported by a pillow, and to make sure you are warm enough.
This Yoga Nidra script has been adapted from one by C. F. Brown, 2015.

How to listen to the recording and make a donation

Listen and take part in our Yoga for Bhopal  - Yoga Nidra recording 

Make a donation
(when asked at the top of the donation page where you heard about our work please scroll down and click on ‘Yoga For Bhopal – Meaghan’)

Yoga for Bhopal

Yoga for Bhopal is a wonderful opportunity to promote the benefits of yoga while helping people affected by the Bhopal gas disaster and the ongoing water contamination. We invite individuals, teachers, groups and studios to hold a fundraising yoga session or event. Over the years we have seen sponsored sun salutations, yoga and film nights, dedicated yoga sessions and much more. See our Yoga for Bhopal page to learn more.

Yoga for Bhopal events take place around the year, there is never a bad time. However, our Yoga for Bhopal week will fall on the 21st – 27th September 2020. To view all upcoming Yoga for Bhopal events, please see our Upcoming Events page.

Yoga therapy in Bhopal

Our Sambhavna Clinic uses yoga as one of a range of treatments for the survivors of the Bhopal Disaster.

Yoga is used to treat chronic diseases involving the respiratory, musculo-skeletal, neurological and endocrine systems; whilst women survivors suffer additional, serious gynaecological problems which Sambhavna has also been treating, to great success, using Yoga. At the World Conference of Asthma in Buenos Aires in 2009, yoga techniques used at Sambhavna were hailed for their success.

Read all about yoga success at our Sambhavna clinic on our Yoga Therapy at Sambhavna page.

Yoga in action at Sambhavna

At Sambhavna, survivors receive free medical care through Western medicines, ayurveda (an indigenous system of medicine based on herbs) and yoga therapy. The staff members of the Sambhavna Clinic (just under half of which are survivors themselves) include regular doctors and visiting doctors, yoga and Panchakarma therapists and community health workers who carry out health surveys and manage health education programmes.

The film above documents the incredible work carried out at the Sambhavna Clinic, including yoga therapy.


We believe Dow must finally accept responsibility for Bhopal. Until then, The Bhopal Medical Appeal funds two award-winning clinics in the city. Both offer free, first-class care to victims of the gas disaster or the ongoing water contamination. The survivors have nowhere else left to turn – please help if you can.