World Deaf Day, Sunday 30 September, 2018

World Deaf Day was inspired by Granville Richard Seymour Redmond, born in Philadelphia, USA in 1871, who became deaf as a result of suffering scarlet fever in his early childhood. He was well supported by his family and taken as far as higher education in a special school. He went on to learn painting, drawing and pantomime at the famous California School of Design in San Francisco and was considered a genuine talent. In tribute to his perseverance and ultimate success, World Deaf Day is now celebrated all over the world advocating for healthier lives for the deaf and the self-esteem generated by proper schooling and professions.

Deafness and hearing problems are common among the children treated at the Chingari Trust Rehabilitation Centre and much work has been put into both alleviating their conditions and expanding the centre’s audiometry facilities to cope with the demand.

On World Deaf Day, please consider a donation to help support this important work.



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