The Bhopal Medical Appeal welcomes Collins Solicitors’ support in 2012 as its Charity of the Year

February 2012

The Bhopal Medical Appeal is pleased to welcome Collins Solicitors’ support for 2012 as the law firm’s Charity of the Year.

Collins Solicitors is a leading UK civil litigation law firm which has had tremendous success in supporting groups of people seek justice through the courts in difficult circumstances.

Some of the cases Collins Solicitors has worked on include:

–  Successfully representing 18 victims and their families in the landmark personal injury group action against Corby Borough Council in an epic 11-year battle. The case was brought on behalf of children born with birth defects as a result of their pregnant mothers’ proximity to a contaminated former steelworks site in Corby, and the associated toxic materials. Few law firms have successfully brought a group – or ‘class’ – action through the UK courts to the satisfactory conclusion of all clients.

– Representing over 270 people following the largest peace-time explosion in Western Europe since WWII at the Buncefield oil depot in 2005.  The firm worked with affected families and businesses to make a claim against the site owner and reached an appropriate settlement for damages to property and businesses, loss of earnings and compensation for different mental and physical distress.

– On behalf of local residents at a residential site in Motherwell, Scotland to determine the extent of toxic poisoning at a former MoD / heavy industrial site.

Des Collins, Senior Partner at Collins, comments: “The events in Bhopal in 1984 – and ever since – were horrendous. Many of our clients are victims of environmental problems and negligence and find themselves battling the authorities in extremely difficult circumstances. We see a number of parallels between our work and that of the charity and we are delighted to support the Bhopal Medical Appeal this year.”

Collins Solicitors intends to raise funds for the Bhopal Medical Appeal; to host events and to volunteer for the Charity. In addition the firm hopes to help support the Bhopali Survivors Tour that will take place in September.

We’re really pleased to have Collins adopt us as their charity of the year. Collins has fought some extremely important cases over the years, and ones that represent a similar ethos to our own. It seems a really natural fit and we look forward to working with them over the coming year.

For more info about Collins Solicitors please visit, email or call 01923 223 324. For Collins’ twitter feed go to #collins_law.

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