The Bhopal Medical Appeal Running Team


Martin Stott & Cecily Cocks

Every year the Bhopal Medical Appeal assembles a running team and last Sunday, 12th July, a group of 30 runners tackled the London 10K on our behalf. The London 10K has grown over the years into our biggest event but we also take places in a number of other events and will be looking over the next year or so to build on these, with further challenges for the more physically active amongst our supporters.

Last week’s 10K is a fantastic ‘gateway’ event in that it’s a readily attainable goal for almost every one of us- just so long as you don’t wish to break any records that is! It takes place on a course looping round some of the most famous sights in central London, with the streets all closed off and huge crowds to cheer on the 25,000 runners. It really is quite a buzz!

After the race we gather our team together for a curry and beer picnic in Hyde Park and this has become as much of an institution for us as the race itself.

In addition to the London 10K we currently have places for the Brighton Marathon, Brighton Half Marathon and the Hackney Half Marathon. We’re already recruiting for these races which all happen around about Spring time next year. The Hackney Half is new but, after only two years, is already in the top ten half marathons in the country. It’s going to be a hugely popular event and a large part of the reason why,  might just be that it goes through the Olympic park…

Bhopal 10K Running Team photos: CLICK HERE

Our congratulations go to all of this years’ runners for their achievement in running the 10k, along with our heartfelt thanks for the hard work that has clearly gone into their fundraising, and here are the finishing times:

Martin Hodges 01:01:39

Cecily Cocks 01:02:33

Annie Murray 01:10:39

Rachel Murray 01:10:39

Jack Thacker 01:10:40

Clare Price 01:06:30

Bruce Haines 0:54:19

Daniel Roberts 01:06:36

John Wallis 01:00:59

Karan Patel 00:58:03

Emily Henning 00:58:03

Rajeev Singh 01:01:24

Andy Perrin 01:10:53

Martin Stott 01:12:42

Julia Brown 01:06:37

Siobhan Platten 01:18:47

Julian Ramsden 00:50:00

Manoela Lopes 01:31:27

Nas Karim 01:01:38

Matthew Fawl 00:48:18

Felix Taylor 01:31:14

Mark Lyons 01:06:41

Hugo Santa Cruz 00:54:26

Oliver Shah 00:56:46

Andrew Platten 01:09:01

#London10k for Bhopal Medical Appeal

Martin Hodges & Bruce Haines



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