The Bhopal Marathon:The Strange Voyage of Warren Anderson (Final Part.)

Bhopal Gas Disaster, Warren Anderson chairman of Union CarbideThis is the story of Warren Anderson, CEO of Union Carbide Corporation at the time of the disaster, and still wanted in India on the criminal charge of Culpable Homicide.


Final part.

What happened to Warren Anderson you might ask. Surely he’s been held to account by now hasn’t he? After the American criminal conviction of BP, for its role in the Deepwater Horizon, surely the US must have made Anderson face trial?

Surely that nice Mr.Obama would have made Unoin Carbide face up to the criminal charges wouldn’t he?

No. Union Carbide remain a declared absconder from justice in India whilst Mr. Anderson lives a life of luxury in the Hamptons. Go figure.

You can read the full story online here

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We believe Dow must finally accept responsibility for Bhopal. Until then, The Bhopal Medical Appeal funds two award-winning clinics in the city. Both offer free, first-class care to victims of the gas disaster or the ongoing water contamination. The survivors have nowhere else left to turn – please help if you can.