Turhan’s Story

Turhan is 14 years old and has cerebral palsy, a possible consequence of his father’s exposure to MIC gas on the night of the 1984 disaster. As they watched him grow, it soon became apparent to Turhan’s parents that the muscles on the right side of his body were too weak to support him, and he could not stand upright or walk like other children.

In search of help, they brought Turhan to the Chingari clinic. The physiotherapists created a rigorous program of targeted daily exercises for Turhan, designed to strengthen the muscles in his right arm, core, and both of his legs. The results were astonishing. Today, Turhan can stand without bending forward, walk independently with his feet straight and good balance, and has gained full use of his right hand.

With the help of speech therapy Turhan is communicating normally for his age, and through Chingari’s special education classes he has been able to return to regular school, where he is studying at a 3rd grade level. His favourite activities are playing catch with the other children and watching Motu Patlu, a Hindi cartoon about two friends who are always getting into trouble.

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