Kamini’s Story

Although Kamini is 8 years old, you might not guess it when first meeting her. Her small physique and timid nature are reminiscent of a younger child, and her delayed development has affected not only her stature, but also her motor functions, speech, and cognitive and social skills. Her parents, concerned that Kamini’s condition is a result of her father’s exposure to gas during the 1984 Union Carbide disaster, began bringing her to the Chingari clinic for treatment.

Prior to attending the center, Kamini was still unable to walk comfortably as her inability to fully straighten her legs affected her balance. With the help of physiotherapy, her walking ability and posture have both improved enormously, and she is now able to stand fully upright and walk without help. Kamini has also been receiving occupational and speech therapy which have improved her comfort in social settings. She is now better able to maintain eye contact and is more responsive during conversations. Best of all, with her improved language skills she now loves telling stories and even singing songs from time to time.

All of the breakthroughs Kamini has made at Chingari would never have been possible without the love, support and affection Kamini receives from her parents at home. They love to take her out for walks, her favourite being along the shorefront of the upper lake in Bhopal. Her best memory was when they took a boat out on the water, from which she was able to look down at the incredible view of the whole city from the middle of the lake.

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