Somerset Jumble Sale raises over £900

Sale for Bhopal

Fiona and her many jumble sale helpers

Fiona Case from Somerset, who has long supported the Bhopal Medical Appeal organised a local jumble sale which raised over £900.

With lots of help from her family, including her husband Mike, daughter Polly & son Jake and their partners, plus grandchildren Callum & Tia, the event was hugely successful.

They were fortunate enough to be given lots of high quality donations of clothes, toys, books and bric-a-brac, as well as financial donations. The queue to get in to the sale stretched across the car park – someone said it was well advertised (thanks to excellent publicity in a local newspaper) and also that local jumbles are always great for a bargain. Support from the Village Hall committee meant that every penny taken was given to the BMA. There was enough items leftover for another jumble sale so it all went to one of the local carnival clubs for their forthcoming event.

Fiona has long supported the Bhopal Medical Appeal through her work with Glastonbury Festival.

A big thank you to Fiona and all those involved!

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