One of our favourite annual fundraising events

The British 10K London Run is one of our favourite annual fundraising events and we’ve gone, in just three years, from entering 6 runners to having an enormous group of over 70 last weekend!

The run took place on Sunday, the 10th July, and was followed, as seems to be becoming a tradition, by a fantastic cold curry and beer picnic in Hyde Park. The race set off a little late, no bad thing when you’ve got such a large picnic to prepare for after the finish, and our first finishers arrived at the picnic spot around 11am – meaning that the early arrivals were getting around the course in a little over 40 minutes – a really impressive performance by any standards.

But for most of us the achievement is just in finishing the course and it’s genuinely heartwarming to see people of much less athletic ability, or of a few more years, turning up for the picnic with an enormous smile on their face having made it to the finish in one piece!

Next year is of course Olympic year and the London 10K takes place just a matter of days before the opening ceremony. With the race route following some of the Olympic marathon course this should make it an even more special event. We’re hoping for a bigger group again next year so please let us know, sooner rather than later, if you might be interested in taking part. Everybody who ran in 2011 is guaranteed a place next year should they choose to take it.

A big thank you goes out to everybody that took part in this year’s event. To all of the runners, to the volunteer helpers at the picnic, and to the Al Amin curry house for all of the help they gave with preparations for the picnic and in recruiting runners from their restaurant.

Hope to see you next year.

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