Jumble Joy in Pilton!

Back in March we posted the heart-warming tale of Fiona Case, one of the BMA’s most dedicated fundraisers, and now we can update the story with her latest endeavour.

In April, Fiona organised a jumble sale in her home town of Pilton in Somerset which sounds to have been quite an occasion.

“We had an overwhelming amount of stuff to sell and it filled the Pilton Village Hall to capacity.  We had clothes, toys, books, tons of bric-a-brac, homemade cakes, tombola and teas.  Luckily the weather was fine as we had to spill outside the hall to display all the bric-a-brac, including a mobility scooter!  In all 30 people were involved, helping to set up or run stalls.  You can see most of the stall holders in the photo, wearing their Bhopal t-shirts.  We had a good turnout of villagers and others and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

“We raised a magnificent £1600!  This is more than the last one so very satisfying.

“The clear up was rather daunting but several charity shops benefitted.”

What a fantastic effort, and our thanks got to Fiona and everybody involved.


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