Jon Snow’s Radio 4 Appeal Great Success

Jon Snow and BMA Trustee Tim Edwards

We are pleased to announce that our Radio 4 Appeal hosted by Jon Snow, which was broadcast several times in the weeks following the anniversary, was a great success. The appeal told the story of Suraj, who was born affected by the gas and receives regular treatment at the Chingari clinic. We wish to thank Jon Snow for his patronage of the BMA and his support for the people of Bhopal over the last 35 years.

In case you missed it, you can still listen to the broadcast and hear Suraj’s amazing story at



Please note donations through the BBC Radio 4 website are now closed, if you wish to donate you can do so through our website or by calling us on 0800 316 5577.

More details of Suraj’s story, including videos of his progress, can be found at 

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We believe Dow must finally accept responsibility for Bhopal. Until then, The Bhopal Medical Appeal funds two award-winning clinics in the city. Both offer free, first-class care to victims of the gas disaster or the ongoing water contamination. The survivors have nowhere else left to turn – please help if you can.