Jenny reports back from Lisbon… and Brighton!

Well what an adventure I had. The day was brilliant fun but not without its faults sadly. Four out of the eight of us that ran from my group got ushered the wrong way so on passing the finish line I had only run 10 miles. So after getting myself through the crowds I finished my last three miles once I was well past the finish line. Quite funny I suppose but not quite what I had hoped for, so when I returned home I then ran the Brighton half marathon route, without any stops, with two of the others that hadn’t completed the correct route.

So in three days I have run two half marathons! Very tired now but strangely, some might  even say sadistically, I am looking for my next challenge; although this time I might stay a little closer to home.

Mind you I am off to California in June and there just so happens to be a half marathon the day after I land. Hmmmm now there’s a thought…

Thanks to Colin for all your support; I’m glad to have been involved with such a fantastic charity even if the red vest did turn all my white sports kit pink! ha ha.

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