Glastonbury Litterpickers Meet a VVIP


Last week our volunteer litterpickers returned from the Glastonbury Festival. Each year the festival kindly gives us the opportunity to supply a litterpicking team of 80 for the main, Pyramid stage area. This is a big fundraiser for us and is extremely popular with our supporters- both young and old alike.

Fran, one of our litterpicking team, writes: “On the penultimate day (Sunday) we were hurried along by our team leader as we had a ‘very special person’ coming to see what we had done. Rumours amongst the litter pickers were that it would be the BBC (for a timelapse of some sort) or Michael Eavis. We rushed to complete the whole field with hardly any breaks, and in the rain. The special guest was The Dalai Lama who, after all the hurrying to get the job done and then waiting for the special guest, passed by us all in a land rover (most people unaware!) in a flash!!!”

Thanks go to all of our litterpickers, to the Glastonbury Festival, Fiona Case, and BMA Patron Michael Eavis.

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