Further Trouble for the Dow & DuPont Merger as Jury Awards $10.5m Punitive Damages in DuPont C-8 Case

Keep Ypur Promises DuPont

Problems would seem to be mounting for the proposed merger between Dow Chemical and DuPont as a US jury recently awarded $10.5 million in punitive damages against DuPont in a C-8 contamination case.

On the 6th January, 2017, a jury in Columbus, Ohio, awarded plaintiff Kenneth Vigneron $10.5 million in punitive damages for the DuPont’s conscious disregard for the plaintiff’s health. The punitive damages are awarded in addition to the $2 million in compensatory damages awarded by the same jury on December 21, 2016.

Keep Your Promises DuPont advisor Harold Bock said: “DuPont’s decades-long, dangerous history with Teflon is finally starting to stick. As we look to the New Year, with 40 trials coming up in 2017 and pressure on DuPont to negotiate a global settlement, yet another punitive award, this time for Kenneth Vigneron, exponentially drives up the price tag of a settlement”

Not only does the legacy of C-8 represents a substantial, material liability for DuPont which existing Dow shareholders stand to inherit in the event of the merger being approved but, given the forthcoming trials and various investigations of C-8 contamination elsewhere, not least in the Netherlands, any potential investors for the proposed new DowDuPont behemoth must be seriously questioning whether it represents a sound investment.

Read more about both DuPont and Dow’s liabilities which the respective companies seem to be attempting to conceal from investors ahead of their proposed merger: CLICK





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