Congratulations to our Brighton Marathon Runners


Congratulations go to all of our 2016 Brighton Marathon runners. Sadly, two of our team could not run, thanks to illness, but the six who did run all completed the course and made excellent times. The picture shows regular BMA running team member John Wallis who has run every London10K we’ve entered and this year decided to step things up to the marathon. More power to your elbow (or knees!) John!

A special mention must go to Liam Hawkes for completing the race in under 4:30 despite gaining a painful knee injury at mile 20!

Our thanks also go to Kurt Charnock for his help in recruiting the team.

Darren Bird               
Cyril Sioly                   
Simon Cullen            
Liam Hawkes            
Perrine Scrivener     
John Wallis                

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