Comrie teen gives up holidays to help at Sambhavna

16 year old Jasmine Thomas and her mother recently returned from a volunteering stint at the Sambhavna Clinic.

“Neither of us had done anything like this before so it was quite a culture shock, more so for mum,” laughed Jasmine, who took it all in her stride. “It was all so different that if you didn’t absorb it all and go along with it you would find it really difficult.”

Jasmine, who plans to study medicine, had a truly rewarding and enlightening time by the sounds of it, and really absorbed herself in the work of the clinic. She also spent time at the Chingari Trust and took the time to observe the huge impact that both clinics have in the local bastis.

Click here for the full story, as told by Jasmine’s local paper.

Jasmine now plans to raise money for the Chingari Trust with support from the Morrison’s Academy Fundraising Committee, and hopes to return to India next year to carry out more work with the Sambhavna healthworkers.

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