Christmas and New Year at Chingari Trust

This holiday season staff and volunteers celebrated Christmas and New Year with the disabled and gas-affected children currently receiving treatment at the Chingari Rehabilitation Centre.

For Christmas the staff and volunteers put up decorations and gathered all of the children together to celebrate at the centre in Santa hats and other festive clothing. During the celebrations they received a visit from Father Christmas, who led them in singing and dancing to carols and other Christmas songs.


For New Year, the staff again decorated the centre with banners and balloons and organised a number of activities for the children, including fancy dress, sack races and other games, singing, and dancing.

For the hundreds of children receiving treatment at Chingari these celebrations represent a wonderful opportunity not only to spend time with the other children and staff, but to engage in activities they would otherwise have been unable to without the benefits of the treatments they receive. Children who previously were unable to walk can now dance; children who were unable to speak can now sing.

We would once again like to thank all of the staff and volunteers for the tireless work they do to make this possible, as well as all those who continue to support that work and improve the quality of these children’s lives.

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