Can You Run To It?


Can you run to £20? An excellent suggestion posed by BMA supporter, and regular runner, Martin Hodges who has just completed the Brooks Brighton 10K on Sunday 15th November.

Martin, pictured centre with his back to the camera, proposed this runners tee shirt campaign after completing this year’s London 10K on our behalf. Martin very generously paid for a run of tee shirts for us to use at some of the forthcoming running events. We hope that Martin’s suggestion might encourage a few, otherwise passive, bystanders to ‘run to’ a donation for us.

For the record, Bruce Haines (right of picture) finished in a very credible 54:18;  Tim Williamson (to the left) an excellent 55:12; Martin (centre) was slightly behind but still completed with a very credible time coming in at just a minute over the hour mark.

Our thanks go to all three runners and to Martin for his excellent tee shirts!



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